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Phone: 603-472-4002
Do I need to shut off my automatic sprinkler system? For how long?  
    - All automatic sprinklers should be turned off twenty four hours before our crews arrive. You may turn the system back on after the sealer has dried.

Am I responsible for clearing the parking lot of cars?
     - Yes, all cars must be removed from the work-site prior to the scheduled time of arrival of the work crew. This includes any vehicles needing to be towed. We can provide a list of recommend towing companies if needed.

Where should my employees/ customers park?
     - All cars parked in vicinity should be parked at minimum of 50’ from worksite. We also recommend to keep all windows closed.
                 This is to avoid:
                 - Possible dust and debris from lot cleaning, which can be heavy at times.
                 - Drifting sealer mist from spraying mechanisms.

Do I need to move my dumpsters?
    - Yes, please remove any dumpsters from areas to be sealed. If the dumpsters are not moved, we will not  move them.  We will seal the areas around it.  Please contact your waste removal company in advance to make arrangements.

What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy? 
​    - Any cancellations or rescheduling ( not due to weather) must be communicated to Bedford Sealcoating at least 48 hours before scheduled date. Up to a 25% cancellation/rescheduling fee may apply.

​How long do I need to keep traffic off the sealed areas?
    - We recommend that you block traffic from the newly sealed areas for 24 hours.  We know that in certain circumstances that is not possible, in such cases you may see a large amount of tracking and tire marks on the surface of the sealer.  Generally these marks will disappear over time as the sealer has a chance to cure. 

What happens if it rains?  
    - Due to our dependance on weather, we will contact you with a new scheduled date once it has been determined that the work will need to be cancelled due to inclement weather, or the threat of inclement weather.  We do not give rain dates before the scheduled event.  We monitor the weather constantly and will make every effort to complete the work on the specified day(s).

Any other questions please call the office at (603) 472-4002